JAN ROSGEN, born in Southern Alberta in 1946, is an accomplished, innovative and versatile life-long Canadian artist whose work spans a wide range of media, subject matter and activities. Making use of diverse resources – from pencil or paints to computer technology – her gift to us is her ability to give visual form to abstract concepts. Her creations combine the details of everyday reality – in landscape, architecture or portraiture – with the cosmic, abstract and visionary, thus expanding our perceptions of our existence.

Always generous of her time and talents, Jan has contributed as a leader in many areas: - as an encouraging and supportive art instructor to individuals and groups, an engaging art-process demonstrator and workshop leader, artist-in-residence, art society CEO, and, – in other areas – as an accomplished classical pianist, writer, poet, web designer, business graphics designer, wife, mother and grandmother.

As a book illustrator and cover artist, Jan especially appreciates the co-creative process, developing and enhancing an author’s preliminary sketches, working supportively and closely with the author to translate inspired abstract concepts into visual forms that enhance the reader’s comprehension and appreciation of the written word. She is the in-house artist for HeartSong Solutions Publishing House.

As a Solution Focused Coach (Erickson College) Jan is the designer of unique, empowering art-creation/life-coaching workshops and individualized, flexible private, art/coaching sessions.

The energy supporting this wide range of activities comes from the vision of awakening, in all, the awareness of the Truth of Who We Are on all levels of Being, and ultimately of dissolving our illusions of duality; - illusions of SOUL.

Jan resides in the paradise of Sointula, British Columbia, Canada, and invites you to come see "ARTOPIA", Sointula's wonderful arts festival held every July. During sunny summer days, Jan invites visitors to come visit her outdoor studio.

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Certified Solution Focused Coach
"Jan Rosgen impresses and inspires with her delightful artwork.
As an artist she has a unique ability to convey the *energy* and
the *light* which exists within and between the physical forms
which we take for granted in our day to day world. In-so-doing
she opens our awareness to the existence of more than our
physical eyes - or all of our senses combined - can perceive.
Magical, surreal and serene, her artwork takes people to a point
of mental stillness - a rare and invaluable gift in our busy
world today.

"Transformative, mystical, spiritual, and often fun, Jan's art
surprises and delights.

"Jan Rosgen is a life-long Canadian artist as well as a Workshop
leader, a private and group painting instructor, and a Certified
Solution Focused Coach. When working directly with others she is
gentle, full of sparkle, and keen to bring out the 'muse' in
others. She assists her students and her coaching clients to tap
into their playfulness, their resourcefulness, their 'inner
quiet', and their own intrigue of the mystery of life.

"Jan's mission as a professional Art & Life Coach as well as an
art teacher is to empower others to find within themselves their
own visions - to energize themselves, to paint, and to live
joyous and meaningful lives."

Sharon Wehner
Artistic Director
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