Art for the Soul Workshops
Jan Rosgen

This workshop is for artists who would like to go beyond the technical considerations of their work
and focus on the meaning their creations have for themselves
---as well as what value they may have for others.

Through logical steps, using coaching exercises and processes,
you will access multiple layers of meaning in your work.

In accessing this depth, you will experience new appreciation for your subject matter,
in both your current projects and in already completed artwork.

We live in a world of constantly flowing energy.
Sometimes we can see this energy as light.
In this workshop, we get in touch with the energy within and around us
and in logical, yet intuitive, steps using colour, line, and form,
we find ways to express the flow of energy interractions in our paintings,
giving them energy and light.

Why are you here?
What is your vision for your life?
What does it feel like?---and look like?
In this workshop you will participate in a series of gradual explorations and processes
that connect you to your natural knowledge of who you are
and what you need to do to fulfill your life.

You will leave this workshop with
a meaningful, powerful, work of art,
as well as inspiration and motivation to move forward in practical action
to achieve you mission and fulfill your vision!

2009 Jan Rosgen All rights reserved.